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Oh DIY blogs. I have made it my business to seek them all out. There are currently almost a 100 diy blogs in my Bloglovin´reader. Some update and do tutorials regularly, some not so regularly. I thought you´d like to know them, so I collected the best to you on one long list. When I started my OutsaPop Trashion (now called Trashion Helsinki) blog back in 2008, I did it to collect all fashionable diy tutorials out there to one place. I also started to make my own. I decided to focus on recycle design inspiration and recycled materials in my own projects because I did not find any other blog doing so. Today it has over 2000 posts so far, check it out!  Even though I have not updated it so regularly anymore, the older posts are still very current and inspirational. Later it turned out my blog was the first fashionable/sustainable DIY blog in the world.

Although I´m super happy to see so many bloggers do diy projects these days, I´m also a bit sad, that so few of them use recycled materials or stress sustainable values. I feel that as bloggers we also have a responsibility to our readers and followers and to use the social media power to educate and to give alternatives. If I look at food and beauty bloggers, I feel that they are sometimes doing a much better job in sharing healthy, ethical and ecological products and projects. As crafters we also should address the issues on where our supplies come from and who made them. Just like in fashion, food and cosmetics. Using recycled materials and sustainable supplies is not easy in crafting. But if more of us demand them and promote them to our readers, they get bigger. And I think we would all like it if sustainable businesses would get bigger.

Some of the blogs might feature DIY projects from multiple categories, but I placed them to the ones they do most. Many bloggers on the list have not done any tutorials lately, but their older posts are still as stylish as two years ago. I made the links, so they would go directly to the diy projects gallery, if the blogger has one.


So here you go. The DIY blog list.

FASHION: A Pair And A Spare / P.S. .. I Made This / Love Aesthetics / Dare To DIY / Trash To Couture / Park & Cube / Wobisobi / Style Marmalade / Sew DIY / Boat People / Honestly ..WTF? / Chic Steals / Love Maegan / Trinkets In Bloom / Inspiration & Realisation


ACCESSORIES & JEWELRY: True Blue Me And You / Fall For DIY / Minted Strawberry / The Stripe / Monoxious / LeFanciulle / My White Idea DIY / All The Good Girls Go To Heaven / Stars For Streetlights / Wild Amor (formerly Studs & Pearls) / Swell Mayde / RunwayDIY


INTERIORS & HOME: My Dubio / Homey Oh My! / Monsterscircus / I Spy DIY / Almost Makes Perfect / Carolines Mode / Poppytalk / Oh The Lovely Things / Sarah M. Dorsey Designs / Vintage Revivals


HAIR, BEAUTY & LIFESTYLE: Passions For Fashion / Because I´m Addicted / Live Simply / Mommypotamus








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  1. emmuli says:

    Kiitos, tästä löytyykin paljon uutta luettavaa :-)

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I’m in excellent company and follow almost every blog you mentioned. The few that I don’t, I will definitely checkout and add to my Bloglovin list. I must add inspiration & realisation to my list. Her creations are often made with recycled clothing and materials :)

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