diy: Balenciaga scrunchie


Anything can be made into a luxury item. It means that the materials are good (usually natural fibers or genuine soft-like-a-babys-cheek type of leather), the branding shows on the product, delivery in done with a luxyry-brand-type look and campaigns and there are certain fashion it-peoples names attached to the product. Do this, and it will be a luxury item.


Balenciaga Resort 2018 leather scrunchie


Balenciaga and its creative director Demna Gvasalia are one of these brands and fashion houses that can make anything into a style. Demna has proven his taste to be something that has the capability to turn an ugly thing into fashionable. His aesthetic is not to look for things that are considered traditionally beautiful, but he seems to see beauty in the extraordinary and avantgarde. He is a modernist and a fan of the slim figured underdogs. He brings back things and styles from his youth. Things that most of the mass consider to be embarrassing stylewise. He sees the true confidence in people that can pull-off the unusual.


Chanel introduced scrunchies in their Fall 2014 with fabric scrap braids


The scrunchie is one of these things. It was a major it-accessory in the late 80s and early 90s, and it has not been in style since. The style-cycle has been 25 years, which is pretty slow for a fashion style to resurrect itself, and I am pretty sure it would have been longer if it wern´t for the trendsettings of Mr. Gvasalia.

Every girl and woman had scrunchies back then, who had long enough hair to be bound with it. They came in all colors, sizes and patterns, and they were so easy to make that children did them in minutes. And I have to admit, I personally thought scrunchies were pretty cool and practical. I could match my hair accessories to any outfit. They were unique, as we all made them ourselves. Nobody bought them from the shops.


Mansur Gavriel SS18 scrunchie trend


Bella Hadid sporting a scrunchie


I hope scrunchies make it back to the masses. They are super easy to make and useful. Look up tutorials on YouTube and use any old clothes or fabric scraps as material. It seems at least some other fashion houses and it-people think it is a good idea. There is also an instagram account that follows the trend.

As for the 200 dollar Balenciaga leather scrunchies? I am not buying one, as I cannot afford that kind of luxury, but I hope somebody else does, so they keep this fad alive.


Balenciaga Resort 2018 styling



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