Pasila by OutiLesPyy

OutiLesPyy Pasila-sarja silkkipaita H6

It´s been quiet here during summer. While others have been on vecations, we´ve been busy at Remake making new custom designs for a big musical artist. Can´t tell you who they are yet, but it will be revealed in October, so stay tuned. It´s going to be b i g .

OutiLesPyy Pasila-sarja facebook cover 1

We also moved Paula´s and my workspace and ateljé into our shop at Annankatu, so I probably have one of the prettiest and coziest seamstress and design working spaces in Helsinki right now. I also made a small capsule collection in July by customizing selected second hand by wet dyes. I named it “Pasila”, after the look and inspiration for this collection came from a city district in Helsinki and its colossal concrete buildings and architectural brutalism. Concrete romance is so much me, on so many levels, that you have no idea..

All the pieces are unique, and you can come see/try them at our store (Remake EkoDesign, Annankatu 13, Helsinki) or see them at Weecos. I also take in custom orders, if you have a garment that you´d like me to paint! Just e-mail me at [email protected] for inquries.

OutiLesPyy Pasila-sarja kesäpaita C5

OutiLesPyy Pasila-sarja 80s mekko D5

OutiLesPyy Pasila-sarja 80s mekko E2

OutiLesPyy Pasila-sarja kesäpaita C3

OutiLesPyy Pasila-sarja Jakku A2

OutiLesPyy Pasila-sarja Jakku F5
OutiLesPyy Pasila-sarja kesäpaita C4
OutiLesPyy Pasila-sarja silkkipaita J5

OutiLesPyy Pasila-sarja silkkipaita H7


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