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Traditionally blanket jackets have been a mid american outdoor piece with a long history in native cultures. In Europe I have not come across them so much but the early 90´s trending always brings them back. They do have a certain logwood cabin boho feel to them. Dutch people are experts in creating decorative and long lasting felted wool blankets and they were popular in 60´s and 70´s interior decor. Wintervacht is a Dutch label that has now taken this boho trend and their local craft skill and have made these old woolen beauties to beautiful jackets. They fit perfectly over your leather jacket as we wait for warmer weathers. For both men and women. The collection has several different styles from traditional jackets to trendy bombers. All Wintervacht jackets are made from second hand blankets.

Look up these when thrifting. The jacket is fairly easy to sew and no serving is really needed as felted fabrics do not fray. Also visit your local army surplus shops for more plain colored and patterned options, as these blankets are also used by the army. In Finland you can buy them at Varusteleka. I also had one tutorial in my Trashion! book on how to combine blankets with the sleeves from a leather jacket.

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  1. Inspired, kiitos Outi. Ehdoton DIY tälle keväälle, jos vaan sopiva materiaali löytyy.

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