maticevski fall 2017


For months now, I have not wanted to sew anything. When the inspiration is gone, it is gone. But I get glimpses of returning back to the form of fabric, when seeing stuff like this. Melbournian Toni Maticevski´s Fall 2017 collection blew my mind in so many ways. And finally someone uses the wind machine in a lookbook shoot properly. To elevate the clothes and not just the hair.


His 2017 woman is called “The Elegant Rebel”.

It has a nice ring to it. Doesn´t it?

The modest urban color scheme,

The raw and unfinished vs. the clean and tailored,

The hard vs. the light

The movement and / in still form.

And those oh-so-subtle-worn-denim-fucking-details.

I am in love.



I hope this dry season does not last long.




Photos via // Visit Maticevski website here.








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