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Prada´s ad campaign and fall collection got my attention this week. As it usually does every four or so seasons. The warm fall days are gone and everyone is getting more layers on. I seem to have a love and hate relationship with the brand, so I don´t like their style all the time, but damn when they get it right it is perfect. I´ve always been a winter coat fanatic (no idea why women fuss about shoes and bags) and this collection had some easy jacket DIY ideas and loads of practical coat styling inspiration. I also get to dig out my flashy 60´s vintage cocktail dresses out and wear them with comfortable 90´s styled platform hiking boots, sailor hats and warm argyle tights. You know I love it when shit gets comfortable but not boring.



CORSETED AND BELTED JACKETS AND DRESSES. I´m a 39 year old hipsy euro size 42 so mens second hand coats usually fit me nicely. I love the loose look and quality wool fabrics with big pockets. The corsets and belts give me yet another thing to do with my 50 something coats and jackets. Actually this is also very handy for Helsinki, as it is always windy here. Keeps the jacket in place. I also own about 20 vintage corsets, which I rarely wear so people see them. This way my precious vintage underwear becomes an accessory and I can draw attention to my waistline like a lady.








ARGYLE TIGHTS & HIKING BOOTS. As from the Helsinki weather condition mentioned above, these will come in handy during fall and winter. They look quirky and make any 60´s cocktail dress look just a little bit more fun. Which is quite odd, because usually wearing stockings like this makes you look like the nice next door girl. It just shows that styling is everything. 90´s hiking boots are also super comfortable. Change the lacing into climbing cord and add red/gold painted details.




FUR ADDITIONS TO COATS. My fav DIY coat upgrading ideas were covering the front (or just the back/sleeves!) bodice of a mens wool overcoat with persian lamb fur. Both of these jacket types are something that are often found from flea markets. Look for discounted persian and mink fur coats, because those you will get cheaper, and it is not very eco to cut up a fur coat that is in mint condition. A 60´s mens overcoat you´ll get around 20-30 €, while the fur coats go for 50-100€. Anything cheaper is a steal! The result will be a super warm winter favorite. Mid high 70´s leather jackets have not been in fashion for a while, so adding a bit of mink or raccoon dog fur to the hem (front only) upgrades the jacket nicely. Or the sleeves, if you are feeling to go for a wider silhuette. Nte that changing the sleeves to a overcoat or leather jacket requires skill and heavier machinery, so them I would take to a seamstress to do. The hem and bodice additions can be sewn at home by hand, with a leather needle. You´ll also need a thimble and some strong sewing thread.




VELVET SLEEVES. In this age, I do not like to show my upper arm much. It is a comfort thing. Also I love a bold 1930´s shoulder line because I feel it adds character. Adding this type of folded velvet sleeves to otherwise sleeveless cocktail dresses makes them more versatile, interesting, and if you just hand sew them on, you can take the added sleeves out later when the trend is out.

prada-fallwinter-2016-ad-campaign-5-copy-2 prada-fallwinter-2016-ad-campaign-10-copy


SAILOR HATS. Ever since I came across Gaultier in the late 90´s I´ve had a white sailor cap in my wardrobe. Before I´ve only worn it to costume parties, but because of this Prada collection I can wear it also for work. Note that the Prada sailor hat has a wider than usual brim. This hat style would also look kick-ass made from black satin, denim or leather. Best to match the hat color with your corset for a full look.




The Prada Fall 2016 ad campaign was shot by American fashion photographer Steven Meisel.

Check out Prada // homepage // facebook // instagram // Full fall 2016 Collection


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