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This past summer we decided to make Remake EkoDesign new webpages. We have been dreaming for ages to shoot a proper fashion editorial, just to show off our skills in recycle fashion and also to celebrate our projects and clothes we´ve made in the past.

The shoot turned out to be a bit bigger than we expected, since hauling two(!) vans filled with props to the shoot location is not something a small company does every day. We asked our good friend and amazing fashion photographer Kanerva Mantila to take the shots, and another friend, and talent Senay Coco to do the looks (make-up and hair). Mia and Kirsi from Brand Model management were cast in as the “Artist” and “Muse”.

This has been an interesting and work filled fall. So many thing have been going on that I have not been able to share, or talk about here. But I´m sure you have noticed the radio silence. Sorry about that. Give us a few weeks and we will flood your screens with amazing projects and collaborations.

Special thanks for Milla and Elina, who helped us throughout the day and Lawrence + his assistant Dan, who captured live video from our day to make a short fashion film to accompany the editorial pictures.



Remake 3.0 Fashion Film from Lawrence Dolkart on Vimeo.




Style: Joonas Saari & Outi Les Pyy
Clothes: Paula Malleus & Outi Les Pyy / Remake EkoDesign
Models: Mia / Brand, Kirsi K.
Moving picture: Lawrence Dolkart
Assistants: Milla, Elina, Dan
Special thanks to Konepajan Bruno



“She loved baggy jeans, so she made herself a pair from two of her old favorites that actually fit. The denim skirt was wide as that one room apartment she lived in when they were still in school. It weight a ton, but made the crowd separate like the ocean, when she walked in. Her top was made from raw uncolored reindeer leather. It resonated to her spirit as she grew wild.”


“The leather dress had also gone through a much needed transformation, as it used to be a mens leather jacket. The kind that taxi drivers wore in the 80´s. Thrift shop toxic waste. The material was too precious, and could not have been buried or forgotten. Still it needed an evolution in shape and attitude. So she gave her one. The splatter print dress was her own personal moment of creative escape. It made her look like the artist that she truly was. In black and white.”


“The winter coat was made from an old 80´s yuppie classic. A mohair, camel and italian wool mix overcoat her father had bought himself when he made his first big sale. The trousers had a waistline that made her look like a matador which was fitting for a woman with character. When all other women wanted a black evening gown, she went for passionate red. But with daring side slits and a slow moving train. She loved to keep her hands in her pant pockets even at fancy parties, because she brought a small smooth sea pebble with her everywhere. The feeling of it in her fingertips kept her focused and present.”


“They wore hoodies at the ateljé almost every day. They were castles of comfort but with accents of leather and denim to make them their own. The denim weaving had taken days to make, but it was pulsing with good wibes that helped them through the winter darkness.”


“The crocheted evening gown was something she had not planned to do. But the material spoke to her. Demanded to be mysterious black instead of innocent white. To be taken out of the closet and worn in parties. To be admired and looked at. The crochet deserved it after all that time and effort that had been put into into creating it. They both preferred zippers better than traditional jewelry to decorate their pieces. They were metallic thin waves that made beautiful organic forms on fabric.”


“She was determined. The felt carpet had been stepped on at numerous events and then cast away like a cheap cocktail napkin. But it had a soft soul and a strong character. So much character that it took two years to elevate it from carpet to red carpet. Pieced together in a way only a master seamstress would handle. She glanced at her creation from a far and hoped that someday she also would get the invitation to the dance. But her creation would get the chance first.”


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