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NJAL (Not Just A Label) is my go-to website for discovering new designer talent. I love it, because I can look up new designers, brands and products by selecting “ethical/sustainable”. It includes: local production, ethical labour, local sourcing, clean production, sustainable fabrics, organic fabrics, zero waste design, chemical free, recycled materials, upcycling design. This weeks pick is the German designer duo (Nicola Gomiero and Andrea Bonfire) behind Fade Out Label from Berlin.

“Fade Out is an unisex line of clothing and accessories made from deconstructed vintage using handicraft methods. While selling vintage clothing and making commercially successful capsule collections for selected shops all over the world, the two were inspired to develop a clothing line where the patina of used denim recombined in a fresh and different way. The collection celebrates responsible recycling of materials. Fade Out creates permanent collections to which new items are added every season. They do not believe in the biannual time lines of the fashion system but in timeless creativity and in the originality of every single idea and item. All items are handmade at their studio in Berlin. Sustainable and recycled fabrics and reclaimed materials are used in all designs.”

website // facebook // shop // njal designer page // instagram // tumblr

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