glitter is destroying the environment


Festival goers, crafters, unicorns, party people and summer fairies take notice! Glitter is destroying the environment. It is a microplastic and that shit never goes away. Check the sparkles you buy, or the sparkled shit you buy that it is eco-friendly. There is a thing called biodegradable glitter which is not made from PET plastic. Ask your local craft shop or cosmetics store to stock up. You can get it at EcoSparkles, Bioglitz, Glitternisti (only the ones merked eco) Etsy and Wild Bloomery. In 2014 Ronald Britton, a UK-based glitter manufacturer, has come up with Bio-Glitter, a certified compostable, biodegradable glitter that won’t clog waterways or harm marine life.

Don´t know what your cosmetics has in it? Send the company/brand a facebook message and ask. Need something sassy for your face fast? Use face paints that are designed for kids.

Read more here and here.



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