Lauri Laukkanen Amelie_Iceland_final (1)

Lauri Laukkanen is a photographer that loves to add photoshop magic to his images. And by this I don´t mean skinny waistlines or fairylike body proportions, but a magical setting and landscapes. The backdrops for this image have been shot in Iceland and the model here in Finland. Nadia Laukkanen made the headpiece and necklace and the “leather scale dress” is one of my works.

Photo, concept & art direction: Lauri Laukkanen
Retouch & art direction: Hannes Honkanen
Model: Amelie / Fondi
Headpiece and necklace: Nadia Laukkanen
Hair Stylist: Piatu Puhakka
MUA: Tiia Loikkanen
Making of-footage: Riku Kylä
Music: Mark Laukkanen
Dress: Outi Les Pyy

Making of: Amelié Drozzin in Iceland from Lauri Laukkanen on Vimeo.

Lauri Laukkanen Amelie_Iceland_final web


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