diy trend – stirrup pants


One of the details that stuck to my head in the past fall 2016 collections was at Balenciaga. The mens 2-piece stirrup pant suit was a smash hit. The same goes for denim. It was a fresh DIYable look, that I see to be in trend for at least a few seasons. Marni and Stella McCartney also had their versions of it.



I should have written about this a year ago, but failed to do so, so I am doing it now. Add a strip of pant fabric with a piece of elastic band to the inner leg, so the hem moves and stretches when you do. The look can be worn with killer heels, (cowboy) boots or flats. The trick is to not to make the pants as skinny as in the 80´s. Skinny yes, but not leggins skinny if you diy them to pants. The idea is to sew only the outer strip inside the pant leg and use a button on the inner leg. This way you can adjust the strip according to the shoes.



If you don´t have the skills or time to sew the pant leg permanently, I recommend doing this with an adjustable elastic band and a pair of suspender clips, which is very 90´s. You can use the same elastic clips in gathering your shirt or jacket from the back.

Photos: Vogue, Notey, Notey, Trendsylvania, Nativefox.




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